Time waits for no-one!


Time waits for no-one!

The Challenge:

A large $350+ million construction project required Tasman logistics to provide in excess of 20 truck loads a day for a period of 6 months. The project was time sensitive and required strict planning as multiple multiple tower cranes were involved and waiting time wasn’t an option. The product was complex concrete panel that required specialised equipment for transport.

The Solution:

Early planning was crucial! Tasman worked with the customer prior to the project start, ensuring all potential disruptions to the project were at a minimum and that safety was a priority. A plan was developed to have enough trucks and equipment to load over night and deliver to site during normal business hours to avoid on site delays. Thanks to significant planning in advance, our team was able to assist our customer in completing their panel installations within their project timelines.

Customer Feedback:

Our product is a particular type of concrete panel... It requires significant load restraint and safety measures to be in place prior to any transport movements. Tasman’s commitment to safety and ability to plan in advance has been some of the best we have experienced with a service provider. This was the first time we had engaged Tasman Logistics for a project and has now cemented Tasman Logistics as a key service provider within our business” – Pre-Cast Concrete Manufacturer

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