Wharf cartage and container packing and unpacking


Wharf cartage and container packing and unpacking

At Tasman Logistics we move over 50,000 shipping containers annually.

Our warehouse staff are experienced in handling various types of wharf cartage for freight from small cartons, right through to long, awkward and heavy product. We have the necessary equipment to be able to facilitate the most complex of container unpacking and packing operations.

Distribution experience across all major DC’s Australia Wide.

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Pre-planning for successful delivery

At Tasman Logistics Services, we believe early planning is crucial! 

We work closely with our customers prior to the project start, asking questions to ensure all potential disruptions to the project are at a minimum and that safety is a priority.

A plan is then developed to provision the right resources to run the job effectivley.  We then bring into action our team and the correct equipment needed to make the job work successully.

Significant planning in advance is the key.

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