Warehousing and inventory management


Warehousing and inventory management

Tasman Logistics Services controls over 45,000 square meters of warehouse space in Melbourne across its three facilities, offering both multi-user and stand-alone dedicated warehousing and logistics in either bulk stack or fully racked storage applications.

Tasman Logistics warehouse storage solutions also include the storage, handling, packing and unpacking of containers supported by a range of heavy forklifts for lifting containers on and off trailers.

Other services include cross docking of freight unpacked from containers and transported directly to the end destination bypassing any storage needs.

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World class warehouse solutions

Tasman Logistics Services handles 20,000 cubic metres in and out per week!

We ensure fast and reliable distribution services for our clients across the country. Delivering nationwide across many sectors including food and dairy, light industrial, retail and fast-moving consumer goods, Tasman Logistics streamlines the operations of your business, helping provide a solution that best aligns with your products and your particular needs.

Our aim is to provide quality and trustworthy distribution services each and every time.

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